We are Metallic Thunder!

FIRST Robotics Team 3303

We are a homeschooled high school robotics team, based in the Central Valley. We do our best to embody a spirit of resourcefulness, making do with what we have. We may always be outnumbered, but we never go down without a fight.

FIRST Things First

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded by nationally recognized inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen in 1989. FIRST was created as a "sport for the mind" to inspire students in engineering and technological fields. The core values of FIRST are best summed up in these two terms, "gracious professionalism" (a term coined by FIRST National Advisor Dr. Woodie Flowers) and "coopertition". Practicing an attitude of "gracious professionalism" brings a mutually beneficial respect for your competitors and teammates alike. "Coopertition" is a combination of cooperation and competition. These values encourage a healthy competitive spirit, which sets this sport apart from all others.

What goes into building a robot?

Engineering is an area of our team that is growing by leaps and bounds. We are learning how to effectively use CAD in our design process and experiment with 3D printing portions of our robot, and even cast our own aluminum parts.

Wiring has come with its own set of challenges. We are learning to adjust to some new components and add new sensors to our arsenal of capabilities, while dealing with the everchanging amount of space that we have to work with.

Programming isn't without its own challenges. Our team strives to learn as much as we can about the tremendous capabilities of code and to utilize them to their fullest extent.

The Creative Team works with all of the other sub-teams to make sure we look good! We want to not just have an amazing robot, but also an amazing looking team. This covers everything from our website to our mascot.

The PR and Business team has grown from a desire to run our team as a business. They manage our finances and work to raise funds through presentations and building mutually beneficial relationships with businesses.