Week 2 Update 2016

Team 3303 is excited to display our pictures to all of our sponsors, friends, and families.

During Week 2, we began working on a wooden chassis prototype. Our Programming/Electronics Team have also begun programming our electronics to work with our motors and the RoboRio (which is the center for all our robot’s code.) This week was a great start for the 2016 build season.

Below we have pictures of students working in the Fresno Ideaworks machine shop, a picture of the Awards Team working on our Chairman’s Award essay, pictures of our prototype chassis, and finally pictures of our electronics board. There is also a picture of students in our Creative Team.

IMG_2946 IMG_6490 IMG_6493 IMG_6502 IMG_6495 IMG_6526IMG_6496 IMG_6525 IMG_6508 IMG_1579