Bag Day 2016


Besides Kickoff, Bag Day is perhaps the busiest and most exciting day of the build season. For most of the night, our Creative Team was absorbed in constructing the wooden cover to go on our robot. They stained the cover with golden oak, and connected the separate pieces with copper wires. The rest of the team was involved in practicing and perfecting our robot’s functions. Because we worked furiously, even as the deadline approached, we were satisfied with what we had accomplished. As the final minutes ticked down, our drive team got some final practice driving in. Five minutes before the deadline, our team got out the large plastic bag that we had to place our robot into. Before the deadline had passed, we had secured our robot in the bag.

Creative Team assembling our wooden cover (Top Left). Our finished robot with its cover on (Top Right). Team 3303 (Middle Left). Our Drive Team (Middle Right). Putting the robot in the bag. (Bottom Left).

DSC_0062 DSC_0100 DSC_0131 DSC_01372DSC_0148