2017 Central Valley Regional

From March 9th to 12th, Team 3303 had our first competition, the Central Valley Regional. The team had worked hard to arrive at this point; consequently, everyone was excited.

However, qualification rounds soon proved to be a trial for our robot and team. We had to scrap our original gear mechanism that wasn’t working and replace it with a basket-like design. Additionally, we also modified our climber to catch the rope more consistently. Finally, we removed our shooter entirely since we realized shooting would not be a major component of our strategy.

During most of our matches, our robot was on the defensive, blocking robots in route to and from the gear loading station. When teams noticed how effective it was, they sought after to add us to their alliance as a defensive robot. As a result, our team actually ended up being selected by the first seed to play in the playoff rounds, which was an incredible accomplishment for the team!

Although our alliance was eliminated in the Quarterfinals, our team won the Pit Safety Award and the Imagery Award. We are extremely pleased with the results of this competition and would like to thank our generous sponsors for making it possible to compete!