Central Valley Regional

After all our hard work during the build season, we had our first competition.  We had practiced so much and were excited to compete with other robots for the first time.

As  far as the robot goes, we changed its design drastically in between matches.  We scrapped our original gear mechanism that wasn’t working, and replaced it with a basket-like design.  We also improved our climber to catch the rope more consistently.  Also, we removed our shooter entirely, which allowed us to bend  the hopper into the aforementioned gear basket shape.

During most of our matches, we used a defensive strategy, blocking robots in route to and from the loading station.  People noticed how effective it was and that made us a sought after team for alliances.  We actually ended up being selected by the first seed!  This was an awesome accomplishment for the team!

Although we did not win or qualify for World Championships, we won the Pit Safety Award and the Imagery Award.  We are very pleased with the results of this competition and would like to thank our generous sponsors for making it all possible!