Los Angeles Regional

March 24th through the 26th was our team’s second regional, the Los Angeles Regional.  The team put in many long nights adapting our gear mechanism and climber to increase speed and reliability our robot.  We added these improvements to our robot once we arrived in Los Angeles.  This included designing a new gear mechanism which allowed us to collect gears from the ground!

The first day of competition went moderately well for our team.  We performed at our best, and we ended the day in 36th.  However, our team performed much better the second day.  We were selected by the second seed alliance to join them in the final rounds!  With our alliance partners,  teams 3309 and 2486, we were able to advance all the way to the Finals!

Although we didn’t win in the Finals, we received the Imagery Award and a wildcard. The wildcard qualified our team for the 2017 FIRST World Championships in Houston, Texas! The whole team is extremely excited to have this wonderful opportunity to attend World Championships.