2018 Week 2 Update

Week 2 of the build season has been a busy week. Our team is nearing completion of the robot design and has already built the drive chassis of our practice robot. Our plan is to build the robot mechanisms and test them on the practice robot before finalizing them and putting them on the competition robot. During this time the CAD team has been coordinating with the build team, drawing the designs in CAD as progress is made.

Meanwhile, the programming/electrical team has successfully wired the practice robot and will have it driving as soon as a battery mount is attached. Also, they are beginning to write the code for the robot mechanisms. One of the team’s goals this year is to have clean, neat wiring. Having this will allow us to diagnose electrical problems quickly and easily should they occur. By contrast, if our robot has messy wiring, we will not know which wire connects to where.

The public relations team has been working hard on creating the drive team’s costumes for competition to increase our chances of winning the Imagery Award. Additionally, the public relations team has been coordinating with the rest of the team to work on sponsorship. Our goal is to raise $60,000, which would be impossible if not for the generous businesses and individuals who donate.