Week 2: The Highlights

Week two of build season has been a very busy week. We almost have the design for our robot, and the build team has just started to build our practice bot. We are going to prototype and test different ideas out on the practice bot, and then when we have got all the measurements and details down then we will start building the competition bot.

The CAD team has also been working alongside the build team, creating the designs on CAD. The build team would come up with an idea that probably works, and then the CAD team takes that idea and create a CAD model of it.

The programming team has been very busy wiring the robot and they have finally got our practice robot driving, so now the drive team can start practicing once we get the battery mounted. Wiring requires carefulness and precision. If they put one wire in the wrong spot, the robot will not function the way we want it to. One of our goals this year is neatness in all things, including wiring. If we have very messy wires, and the robot malfunctions during a competition, it can be very hard to diagnose the problem because we don’t know where each wire leads to. But if we have neat wires, then troubleshooting should be no problem. They are currently working on wiring the competition bot and are starting to create the code and mount pneumatics. Pneumatics requires more carefulness because it has a wider margin of error. Along with malfunctioning compressors, there can be air leaks, pressure loss, etc.

The Public Relations team have also been working hard on putting the drive team’s costumes together for competition so that our team can win the imagery award. The entire team has also been working on sponsorship. Our goal is to raise $60,000, and if it weren’t for our generous sponsors, it would be nearly impossible to reach that goal.

So now our goal for these next few weeks is to finish building the practice robot, wire and mount the competition robot, and finish building the competition bot. Week two has been a very productive week!