2018 Central Valley Regional

From April 5th to the 8th, Team 3303 competed at the Central Valley Regional. During the week leading up to this competition, the team had worked diligently to design an intake ramp that would not catch on the bump in the middle of the field (see previous blog post). We ended up designing a spring-loaded ramp which deflects backward when it hits the bump. Thankfully, we immediately witnessed a vast improvement in the functionality and reliability of our intake system during qualification matches. Our robot was able to acquire and score power cubes like it never had before. Accordingly, our team finished the qualification round with a respectable record of 6 wins and 6 losses. Moreover, our team was selected by teams 3495 and 1388 to play with them in the playoff rounds. Although our season ended when our alliance was eliminated in the Quarterfinals, our team was both relieved and happy that our robot had performed flawlessly.

Team 3303 would like to thank every sponsor who donated this season. You are an inextricable part of our team’s existence!