2018 MadTown Throwdown

On November 10th and 11th, Team 3303 attended the MadTown Throwdown, an offseason competition in Madera. Since it is an offseason and not official competition, MadTown Throwdown is a great way to give new team members the FRC experience and for veteran members to have fun.

During qualification matches, our robot performed better than at its prior competitions. It consistently scored 5-6 power cubes per match and even scored one during the autonomous period of the match. While our record (3-6) was not impressive, the 2nd seed team took notice of our performance and picked us for their alliance during playoff rounds. Allied with Team 973 and Team 971, we sailed through the Quarterfinals. In the Semifinals, our alliance won the first match against the 3rd seed alliance but then lost the second two. As a result, our team was eliminated from the playoffs.