2019 Bag & Tag Day

For the last 6 weeks, Team 3303 has been hard at work building a robot to compete in Destination: Deep Space. Our team has successfully built a linear elevator and mechanisms to handle the cargo and hatch panel game pieces.

We completed these things just in time for Bag & Tag Day, which was Tuesday, February 19th. On Bag & Tag Day, our team had to cease working on our robot and seal it inside a large plastic bag. This is done to prevent further modifications until competition.

Although our team had built mechanisms for cargo and hatch panels, we chose to keep those out of the bag to further improve them. This is only possible because our team is allowed to bring 30 pounds of fabricated parts to each competition.

Team 3303 looks forward to revealing our completed robot at our first competition, the Central Valley Regional, on March 7-9th.