2019 Central Valley Regional

From March 7th-9th, Team 3303 competed at the Central Valley Regional, which was held at the Fresno Convention Center. The first day proved to be a challenge since our team had to finish our linear elevator, mount our cargo intake and hatch panel mechanism, and wire everything. Because of the large amount of work we had to do, we were unable to participate in any practice matches.

However, our drive team rose to the challenge presented to them. Under their operation, our robot performed smoothly and finished in 11th with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses.

Because of our robot’s ability to score cargo quickly, the 3rd ranked team, Team 2813, selected us as their 1st pick. Alongside Team 2813 and their second pick, Team 3970, we defeated the 6th ranked alliance to proceed to the semifinals. However, our alliance was then bested by the 2nd ranked alliance.

Regardless, our team was thrilled with our robot’s performance and hope we perform even better at our second competition at the end of March. Furthermore, Team 3303 would like to thank each sponsor and mentor who made our success possible. Roll thunder!