2018 Kickoff & Week 1 Update

FIRST Kickoff… a day in which all FRC teams assemble their members to eat donuts, Cheez-It’s, and pizza and sit in front of a TV for half a day. Okay, maybe not all teams. However, like all other teams, Team 3303 gathered to watch the reveal video for the 2018 FRC game.

After watching the reveal video and reading the game manual, our team split up into four design groups- Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red (The Red group was later assimilated into the other three groups). Each design group brainstormed ideas and concepts of what our robot could look and function like. Then, during the week, each group prototyped these concepts to determine which would work best. On Friday the 12th, each design group presented their design concepts to the entire team, which voted on which design the team would build. After deciding on a design, the team met on Saturday to construct an overview of the robot’s mechanisms and what materials we would need to build them.

The next week the team began to build more precise prototypes and to roughly draw the results in our Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Additionally, the public relations subteam began planning how to incorporate the game theme of retro video games into our team image at competitions.

Furthermore, the team started memorizing our team Bible verse, Isaiah 41:9-10, which reads, “You whom I took from the ends of the earth, and called from its farthest corners, saying to you, “You are my servant, I have chosen you and not cast you off”; fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” 

2017 FIRST World Championship

From April 19 to 22, Team competed at the 2017 FIRST World Championships in Houston, Texas as part of the Galileo Division. At the end of the qualification rounds, our team had a record of 4 wins, 5 losses, and 1 tie. While we did not qualify to compete in the playoff rounds, we were satisfied because our robot performed reliably and to our expectations. Additionally, our team felt so privileged to come this far and compete against the top teams from countries such as China, Mexico, and Israel. We all had so much fun, and hope that the team can qualify next season!

2017 Los Angeles Regional

March 24th through the 26th was Team 3303’s second competition, the Los Angeles Regional.  In the days prior to this competition, the team put in many long nights redesigning our gear mechanism and increasing the speed of our climber. We added these improvements to our robot once we arrived in Los Angeles. These improvements resulted in our ability to pick up gears from the ground and to climb in 2-3 seconds.

The first day of competition went moderately well for our team. We performed satisfactorily and ended the day in 36th place. However, our team performed much better the second day. We were selected by the 2nd seed alliance to join them in the playoff rounds! Alongside our alliance partners, teams 3309 and 2486, we advanced all the way to the Finals.

Although we narrowly missed winning in the Finals, our team received the Imagery Award and a wildcard. The wildcard qualified our team for the 2017 FIRST World Championships in Houston, Texas! The whole team is beyond excited to have the opportunity to attend World Championships.

2017 Central Valley Regional

From March 9th to 12th, Team 3303 had our first competition, the Central Valley Regional. The team had worked hard to arrive at this point; consequently, everyone was excited.

However, qualification rounds soon proved to be a trial for our robot and team. We had to scrap our original gear mechanism that wasn’t working and replace it with a basket-like design. Additionally, we also modified our climber to catch the rope more consistently. Finally, we removed our shooter entirely since we realized shooting would not be a major component of our strategy.

During most of our matches, our robot was on the defensive, blocking robots in route to and from the gear loading station. When teams noticed how effective it was, they sought after to add us to their alliance as a defensive robot. As a result, our team actually ended up being selected by the first seed to play in the playoff rounds, which was an incredible accomplishment for the team!

Although our alliance was eliminated in the Quarterfinals, our team won the Pit Safety Award and the Imagery Award. We are extremely pleased with the results of this competition and would like to thank our generous sponsors for making it possible to compete!


2017 Bag n’ Tag

Tuesday was Bag n’ Tag for FIRST Robotics teams across the world.   We successfully bagged our working robot, Joule 8! We are proud of what we have accomplished this season and are eagerly looking forward to what we can achieve at competition.

And a huge thanks to Archway Systems for their generous support!


2017 Week 6 Update

This week was a crazy week for us!  It’s crunch week which means the days are longer and work is coming to an end.  Because we have a four day weekend, we have all day Monday to finalize the robot design and test drive.  Last Tuesday, the rest of the robot pieces were cut out on the water jet, the edges of the pieces were filed down, and the robot was assembled.  Once that was done, the Programming and Electronics Team wired all the required components together to fit in the robot.  Friday night we were faced with a major design flaw so we gathered together as a team to brainstorm and after some thought we found a solution.  Finally, now, it’s time to start test driving and working towards building the second robot!

2017 Week 5 Update

Week 5 was by far, our most productive week.  We raised eighteen percent of our fundraising goal.  The build team did a lot of CAD and, after a nearly full week of it, successfully completed the full model.  This allowed us to start water jetting our robot’s pieces and collecting its weights.  We also completed working code for all of our robot’s components and created the electronics board layout.

Also a big thank you to one of our sponsors this week, JISCO, for sponsoring us with much needed tools.

Here we are picking up the tools.

Our electronics board layout.

The finished CAD model.

Our water jet cutting layout.

2017 Week 4 Update

This week, we finished many smaller, yet important tasks.  We researched using vision tracking for our robot to help us in the competition.  Also, the Design team finalized CAD models for our fuel storage, shooter, and gear mechanism.  Additionally, the team had the wonderful opportunity to participate in ArtHop.  ArtHop occurs the first Thursday of every month in downtown Fresno.  Businesses open up their doors to artists to show their art, which makes for a big, city wide art gallery.

2017 Week 3 Update

Week 3 was incredibly productive for our team.  We finalized the layout of the robot and made a preliminary CAD model of it.  The PR team updated our promotional using Inkscape, a vector based drawing program.  Also, you can now contact us with our new team phone number (707)786-3303.  Looking back on the week, our biggest accomplishment was creating command-based code to get our drive base moving.

Special thanks to the Gene Haas Foundation for their generous donation!   The Gene Haas Foundation supports organizations that they believe with contribute to  the future of manufacturing.

2017 Week 2 Update

During Week 2, our team really kicked into gear.  We constructed our drive base, prototyped our designs further, and determined the configuration of the robot.  Also, new students stepped up into leadership positions within our various sub-teams.  Our Project Manager began utilizing Trello, which is a project managing program.  We ended the week with a sprint meeting, where we looked back on the week at what we’ve done; and forward to make plans for the next week.