Week 5 Update 2016

During Week 5, our team finished putting the final touches on our robot, which included mounting our electronics onto the aluminum frame. After attaching the pneumatics and wheels, we were ready to  test drive! Our team was extremely excited to see our robot functioning and driving for the first time. We encountered robot communication problems, but these were quickly resolved. As our robot drove over the defenses, it flipped over a couple times. Fortunately, our robot was undamaged, and was able to get up and running.

Working on adding pneumatics (Top Left). Working on adding the drive train (Top Right). Our finished robot (Bottom Left). Our robot driving towards an obstacle (Bottom Right).

IMG_6698 IMG_6708 IMG_6733 IMG_6736

Week 4 Update 2016

Week 4 was especially productive for Team 3303. At the beginning of the week, our team finished assembling our metal chassis.  Then we worked specifically on fabricating the parts for our drive train. Before we could do anything, our team had to cut churros and axles for our wheels. We put together our 8 in. pneumatic wheels, and mounted them to our robot’s pneumatic suspension system. By the end of the week, we were extremely close to having a drive-able robot.

Putting together our metal chassis (Top Left). Our logo cut into the chassis (Top Right). Working on the drive train of our robot. (Bottom Left).

IMG_1752 IMG_6560 IMG_6591

Week 2 Update 2016

Team 3303 is excited to display our pictures to all of our sponsors, friends, and families.

During Week 2, we began working on a wooden chassis prototype. Our Programming/Electronics Team have also begun programming our electronics to work with our motors and the RoboRio (which is the center for all our robot’s code.) This week was a great start for the 2016 build season.

Below we have pictures of students working in the Fresno Ideaworks machine shop, a picture of the Awards Team working on our Chairman’s Award essay, pictures of our prototype chassis, and finally pictures of our electronics board. There is also a picture of students in our Creative Team.

IMG_2946 IMG_6490 IMG_6493 IMG_6502 IMG_6495 IMG_6526IMG_6496 IMG_6525 IMG_6508 IMG_1579

Week 1 Update 2016

Week 1 of the 2016 robotics season was incredibly exciting and productive. After we watched the kickoff video at the McCormick Barstow/law firm our minds were swimming with ideas. Fortunately, our leaders bought chaos to order, but not before a safety talk! The Safety Manager from Cargill Meat Solutions gave an engaging and informative safety demonstration. Leaving us with practical tips to creating a safer work environment, something we have been sorely lacking. With a new design process in mind, our team divided into three sub-teams (Red, Green and Blue) of five members each. During week 1, the three teams thought of and designed three separate robots, each meeting the design requirements we had set in place.  At the end of the week we met back at McCormick Barstow to narrow down our focus to a final robot design. Following a presentation from each design team, our team as a whole group pulled the best bits out of each design. With a new direction in hand, we started CADding! Everyone agreed that week one was the most productive and focused week we have ever had as a team!

Red Team’s final robot design:20160116_093625


Green Team’s final robot design:20160116_095916

Screenshot (5)

Blue Team’s final robot design:20160116_101517

blue group concept base 5

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


IMG_2736 IMG_1463IMG_6442IMG_6448

Setting up shop

Here we are moving into our new home at The Fresno Ideaworks.


Veteran’s Day Parade

Metallic Thunder had the opportunity to connect with other robotic teams and march in the 2015 Fresno Veteran’s Day parade. Team 3303 met at 11:15 am to wait to bring our robot into the parade. We brought our Recycle Rush robot, and draped an American flag over it. While we were waiting, we met Team 1671 (Buchanan Bird Brains), and Team 3970 (Duncan Dynamics). We spent most of the wait time socializing with these two wonderful teams. Our team had fun telling stories and discussing robotics with the other teams. Two hours later we made our way into the parade. Together with Teams 1671 and 3970, we held a long banner honoring our heroic veterans, while some of our team pushed our robot. When the parade finished, we wished the other teams the best of luck and parted ways.


Panda Express fundraiser

This Friday Panda Express will be hosting a fundraiser for us.  All that we need to do is eat good food and invite everyone we know.  On November 20th, this Friday, between 4:00 and 9:00 PM Panda will donate 20% of all pre-tax sales accompanied by the attached flyer.  This will be a great time to hang out, raise awareness for the team, have a family night, date night, etc. and get the word out and let the flyers fly! And if you don’t have one you can just show them it on your phone .