We are delighted to be part of the FRC program (FIRST Robotic Competition)! It is a program that assures that everyone has a place and no one is ever forgotten. Every year they come with imaginative challenges that encourage students to look at their world and the life applications of all they learned in a new light.  


FIRST is an organization devoted to giving children opportunities in STEM fields. Every year FIRST creates challenges for the different age groups and has us compete with robots. In working in our teams we learn different skills to help us in our future careers. FIRST is very creative about the challenges they give us. While they keep the challenges around the same level they never repeat problems which keeps everyone on their toes. FIRST is also very organized in how they send every team their challenges and run all of the competitions. FIRST also emphasizes a couple of core values that are really valuable to our future. The main core value that FRC is based around is gracious professionalism. While we are competing with other teams we still need to be professional and nice to everyone else. Another one that is really important is cooperation. Which means you need to cooperate with the other teams even as you compete with them.